“You cannot imagine what it is like in America.“ – Emigration from the Bavarian Forest in Germany to the United States from 1841 to 1931

Fegert Friedemann

The United States. The land of unimagined opportunities. A place of longing for many Germans for decades. This book describes why people from the Bavarian Forest emigrated to the United States from 1841 to 1931. Diverse documents from German and American archives, historical records, and maps, assembled over many years, are augmented by a wealth of authentic, fascinating letters, photographs, and diary entries from the emigrating families.


ISBN: 9783947171248

"Tam v zeleni tvých rosných niv / co v hojnosti je květů,
jaký majestát napodiv / tmáň lesů skýtá světu!
Bloudil bych celé týdny, / kde posvátný a klidný
jak chrám čníš, dnes co dřív!

Johann Baptist Schönn